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maintenance are followed) for The Life of the furnace toward the purchase of a new HeatMaster SS, in the following pro-rated schedule.
Warranty schedule:  
coverage in the initial 5 years is 100%
      Year 6-7 id 50%
      Year 8-9 is 40%
      Year 10-15 is 30%
      Year 16-Life is 10%

Grates have a warranty of 5 years at 100%
Ash Pan is covered for corrosion protection for a period of one year.
In addition, all steel components including housing, legs, etc. have a pro-rated warranty for a period of 10 years with coverage reducing by 10%
each year. Any parts not manufactured by SteelTech Inc., that are used on the furnace - such as fans, thermostats, limit switches, pumps, heat
exchangers - carry their own manufacturer's warranty, normally one year. SteelTech Inc. will not be liable for the cost of shipping, replacement or
repair of these parts.
If warranty requires removing or replacing of the furnace, SteelTech Inc. is not responsible for the cost of plumbing, replacement of antifreeze or
water treatment, shipping cost or any other cost other than the replacement component or furnace. SteelTech Inc. always has the right to decide
if a part or furnace will be repaired or replaced and well not be liable for any cost not authorized by a SteelTech Inc. representative.
SteelTech Inc. does not warranty any damage caused by negligence and deterioration due to lack of proper ongoing maintenance, physical
damage caused by abuse or freeze up, or power surges or unauthorized work or modifications to the furnace.
SteelTech Inc. is not liable for any damage or cost which may occur from or during the operation of the furnace or damage incurred due to any
heating system failure. The purchaser assumes all responsibility for the care, maintenance and safe operation the furnace including adding of
approved boiler treatment or water. SteelTech Inc. doesn't warrant door gaskets, exterior paint or finish.
To qualify for warranty all instructions must be followed in operator's manual, water must be tested and maintained a minimum of once per year,
 and warranty registration must be on file at SteelTech Inc. Ind. within 30 days of purchase along with a copy of the original invoice. No warranty
can be approved unless the warranty registration and water test verifications are on file at SteelTech Inc.'s office.

Boiler Treatment Policy
Water must be tested a minimum of once per year and boiler treatment added when necessary.
Each year a reminder card will be sent to test your water. To test the water, fill one of the test bottles provided free with your stove and mail to our
testing lab using the mailing carton and label provided with the bottle. If any adjustments need to be made to the water you will receive a report
outlining what must be done. Take another sample and mail it to our test lab again to verify the recommended changes have been made. Most
times the recommended changes are simply add water treatment or add water to have the water at the recommended operating levels (See the
nitrate and pH test pages in the back of the manual for test details.). Test bottles are provided free for the life of the furnace through your dealer
or SteelTech Inc. offices.
Add the boiler treatment through the fill pipe located at the top of the furnace when initially filling the furnace with water or after testing, if needed.
Ensure that all the drains are closed. It is recommended that water treatment be added at 1 quart per 150 gallons of water initially and 1 quart
per 200 gallons of water per year after that. Additionally treatment may have to be added for water with more severe properties or for systems
with more chemically demanding requirements.
Recommended operating pH level is 9-10. Recommended nitrite levels are 600-1000 ppm. You can use test strips and the charts in the back of
the manual if you would like to test the water more then once a year. Test strips and information are available through your local dealer or
through SteelTech Inc.