Heatmaster firebox's have round
design as you can see below. All of
the firebox and water jacket is
stainless steel.
How Does It Work?
The furnace sits outside away from the house. We recommend a minimum of
30' from your house for safety as well as keeping any
smoke away in case the wind turns. The best place is right beside your wood pile! The furnace has a water jacket which surrounds the
firebox and this water is piped into the house underground through insulated pipes. Inside this insulated pipe goes the supply and return
water lines.
Once the water lines are inside the house go directly to the hot water tank first. A heat exchanger is installed .The furnace water goes
through one side and your domestic water the other. The domestic water does not touch the furnace water, but it heats your domestic
water completely. The electricity is shut off during the heating season and turned back on in the summer unless you are using your
furnace to heat your pool, jacuzzi or something else.  
From the hot water tank go to your existing furnace.
Mount a heat exchanger, (similar to a radiator in your car) in the plenum of your
existing furnace. Your old system, now becomes the backup. The hot water from your outdoor furnace goes through the heat exchanger
and your existing furnace fan comes on and blows the hot air out through your duct work. This is the best way to heat your house if you
don't already have hot water heat since it gives you the option of air conditioning.
So that is the basics of outdoor wood furnace. For further information in greater detail....give us a call or email with any questions that you
might have.
Here are a few photos showing the back of the furnace. The back panel easily removes allowing
easy access to the fan and plumbing. All of our furnaces have a rear draft fan. Notice the two
separate hookups  which allow for several buildings to be heated by the same furnace. The photo on
the right shows the R-30 insulation used on all of the furnaces.
Below is the thermostat on the side of the stove to
control water temperature. This is an electronic
thermostat that can be set  at what temperature is
desired and how much fluctuation there will be.
The doors are very easy to open and close.  
How Does It Work
This is the water level float.  It is very easy to
tell if water needs to be added.